Hello, I’m John and I help people find clarity around what they want and desire. I then empower them to take action to successfully get what they are going after. This is done conversationally, through easily understandable and undeniable realizations that help make sense of their world and find solutions to their persistent problems.


These realizations help clients understand their world better and find their way. Much like updating the software on a computer, it works effortlessly in the background while you go about your business. Improving performance and ease of use without you even realizing it.




noun | clar-i-ty


The quality or state of being clear



verb | de-sire


To wish or hope for : to exhibit or feel desire for


To express a wish for



verb | em-pow-er


Enable, to promote self-actualization or influence of


People have been bamboozled by the unfriendly lessons and examples that have been passed down through society from generation to generation without anyone realizing how bad it’s getting. Just as tragic, no one realizes that there are better ways to enjoy and win this game of life! These beliefs, lessons and attitudes are the only barrier that get in anyone’s way of having their truest desires come into their world.


I am trained ego masseuse, professional re-framer and experienced emotional baggage handler. I am fatally curious about the space between the ears and use my skills as a holistic insight coach to affect great change.


My clients have reported the following after working with me:



-Discovered extra time to do everything on their to-do list and have plenty left over


-Become unstuck and found a improved love life/partner/dating life


-Make a living/job that rings true to them


-Able to make either their relationships or career develop beautifully


-Finding the elusive passion/calling that was just beyond their reach


-Enjoying their life and the rewards of their best efforts


-Found that missing something in their life


-Relationships blossom


-Discovered peace of mind


-Found their place, and finally feel at home


-Found a peace in the war between the heart and mind


-Escaped the seemingly inescapable unhappiness


-Reignite creativity and motivation


-Feelings of insecurity evaporate


-Come to understand the nature of closure


-Self-expression abound


-Lasting satisfaction


-Ego mastery


-Finally able to make sense of themselves and their world


-Fortified emotional resistantly


-Come to peace with their ego and turned it into an encouraging friend


-Conquer fear of failure


-Conquer fear of success


-Conquer fear of the unknown


-Over come over whelming shame


-Restored faith and worthiness in themselves and their future



~ You have everything you need to thrive, but it may be a jigsaw puzzle on the floor.


When a person is born, they come with all the equipment they need to navigate this world as they continue to grow and learn. Although these elements may be misplaced or mislabel which makes it difficult to enjoy life to the fullest. 

~ You have forgotten or never learned how to squeeze the juice out of life.


Inside everyone of us is the sum of our experiences that helps us get through life and make the best decisions we can. It comes from all the lessons learned, good and bad and will never steer you wrong. This process is there to serve us and get us where we need to go.


~ Just as your descendants before you, you have the genetic makeup for greatness.


You have managed to live your life from the moment you were born to this very moment you read this sentence. Everything life has thrown at you, the good times, and challenges only made you more resilient and resourceful. You are tougher than you realize.


~ Happiness is just a choice and is just a choice away.


When everyone is little, they accept that happiness is something that exists outside themselves. But it’s commonly misunderstood that happiness is a choice, as equally as misery is a choice. One can be either happy or unhappy equally as well for little reason or no reason at all. But, happiness is your factory, default setting.


~ Happiness isn’t something that is earned when one works for it.


Happiness is something one chooses at any time and the endeavor to strive for an outcome to get happiness is no different than waging war to declare peace. It’s common to believe that when a person has that car/mate/move to that city, finally they can be happy. Perhaps they are for but a moment, but it’s fleeting. Their problems come along with them. Again and again, they try chasing what’s just over the horizon but the grass is always greener on the other side.


~ Happiness is not earned by making others happy.


People assume that by pleasing others, in relationships, doing altruistic gestures or even going against their better judgment, they can somehow create happiness in themselves by first making others happy. Truth is, no one can make others feel anything without their consent. This person is forever chasing the impossible. A person is better off keeping the sun from setting. Only when one makes themselves happy first, can others around you start to catch happy.


~ There is no failure in one’s attempts, only research.


The original meaning of success meant, an outcome from an attempt. It said nothing about a favorable or non favorable outcome. When one changes their attitude to accept that any attempt is successful, they can walk tall and proud, knowing that they are making the million tiny steps towards their preferred outcome.


Every instance that the result is not what they want, they instead get research. In one’s attempt to get what their heart desires, one needs information for course corrections. Much like plane that is making hundreds of course corrections to reach it’s final destination. This is invaluable. When one makes the steps towards their desired outcome, it’s no longer a matter of if but when.


~ Failure occurs only when one does not try.


Failure is commonly known as when an attempt does not go the way they desire. So an insecurity and low level anxiety creeps in and stops most from making an attempt to begin with. Only when one makes no attempt, they fail themselves and hold back progress. No longer a matter of when but if.


~ Selfishness is a very good thing.


Much like when the oxygen mask drops down during a low pressure emergency during a flight, one must first put on the mask before aiding their child or others around them.


Selfishness works the same way, by first allowing a person to put their needs first so they can best show up and tell others what they need. To offer what you truly are allows other people to meet you half way and see you for who you are. Self deception helps no one and can ruin a perfectly fine relationship and life.


~ Your ego is not your friend.


Inside one’s head is a complex machine that is processing one’s experiences from their life in an attempt to make a working map of the world. It has many impressive parts, one being the ego. This voice speaks up when one attempts something new, whispering into the mind’s ear about the many instances that it didn’t work out, revving up the emotions so much, one can not take action.


It’s sole purpose is to not be diminished. But this is problem as to learn something new, requires doing it badly as one develops skill. Ego is not your friend, but rather a left over from learning language. To understand ego and master it, is invaluable in life.


~ The most important person in your life is you.


There is nothing more important than how one feels about themselves at the end of the day. Nothing or anyone in your life can change how you feel as only your choices will determine if you love that person you see in the mirror.


This self satisfaction radiates outward for all to see and enjoy. You can not fool everyone that you are happy, but you can effortlessly broadcast it without effort when you love yourself and what you are about.



Why work with me:


What I have going for me is this:


  • I have experienced a gargantuan portion of loss, pain and strife in my own life. Along which comes the lessons and skills that develop as a result of this growth and survival. I consider it a doctoral level degree from the school of life. Among other things, I have experienced what it means to hit rock bottom and to dust myself off and continue. As well as lose people that were close to me and accept great loss and discover the hidden meaning.


  • I understand that life is a full contact game and you get out of it what you put into it. I am 110% invested in helping you win the game of life!


  • Sometimes a person, in spite of their best efforts, can not get where they need to go because they lack the knowledge needed. So they search for an expert to acquire the information and this is where I come in. I either help them find the teacher, help them figure it out themselves or get them to someone more qualified.


  • I help those who help themselves and I love what I do. I strive to be simply the very best.


  • I believe so much in coaching, I hire coaches too. They help me maximize my life and get me past any blind spots that get in my way from getting where I need to go.


  • I have limited number of spaces to offer my clients, as I’m constantly learning and striving to enrich my own life through constantly improving my services, traveling and experiencing the world. This is the lifestyle I have constructed for myself.


  • I understand that powerful agreements is the way to go. Without powerful agreements, you have no powerful change.


  • I have huge dreams that are infectious. You will catch it too and there is no vaccine for this.


  • I love going where it is the most uncomfortable. This is where the growth happens and I love to see clients squirm and feel uncomfortable. Right on the other side of that, is right where they want to be.


  • I often do a “intake” session before anything is agreed upon, to see if my client and I are a good fit. Much like any professional relationship, sometimes it’s a good match on paper but not in person. Or, more likely, they are good without any more coaching.


  • I am constantly learning and refining my skills and knowledge so I can offer only the very best and highest quality service to those who seek my help. It’s like what Mark Twain said: “I never let school get in the way of my own education.”


  • I’m not here to do any hand holding or to be a client’s super hero. They already have that going for them already, it’s themselves! They just forgot this. To make great change in your life is preceded by either a “fuck yes” or a “fuck no”. While life is a long series of grays, decisions are rather black and white once a person has all the information.


  • I have personally invested years of my life learning about human nature and humanity from those I consider the very best experts in the field, as well as put in the time studying the subject at great length. For both my own self improvement and the benefit of my clients.


  • I’m not here to get rich from my clients, I’m not the least bit shy about refunding a client of their money if they aren’t totally happy with my services. My services come with a 100% money back guarantee if my client is not totally satisfied with their experience with me.


  • I am happy to recommend a client to someone else, as I’m here to help my client even if that means they don’t get it directly from me.

Past is the just that, in the past.

What is your most precious commodity that, once you lose it, you can never get back?

The answer is, your time.


Today, we live in the information over-saturation age. All of the wisdom and knowledge of the last several thousand years are at our fingertips There are thousands of ways to get the information you need to do what you dream of. 


The problem lies in how to use and apply this information, in a way that is not only simple and elegant but powerfully effective. There is the traditional method of learning, which is most commonly found in school. But this is often ineffective, the most effective route is insight.


The guidance you seek may not be in the city you live in, or perhaps you can't find the time between your work, school and life. People today are busier than ever and their attention is further and further splintered between several dozen tasks and people that need it done twenty minutes ago.


In my own quest to solve this problem I considered what professional leaders and visionaries do. People who's mental real estate and focus, is often the line between survival or extinction. From world class athletes to Fortune 500 leaders, coaching allows you to work like a finely tuned, purring engine and discover results you never imagined and beautiful plateaus never dreamed of.


Best part of all, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own computer. It's at your pace and at your availability. From a one-off session, that targets a specific "problem" to a year of sessions that really bring powerful change and growth in your life.


Here I work with insight, which is far different than understanding. Which is often collecting information,studying abstractions on top of abstractions on top a puzzle. The biggest difference is, understanding requires effort, insight is effortless. Insight happens when the information slowly cooks in the slow cooker in your mind while you are busy in the kitchen with other tasks.


While you are busy, the food is quickly ready on it's own and before you realize it. The pleasant ring tells you it's done, and you are ready for a delicious insight and subsequent growth you'll never forget. Best of all, you’ll never misplace it.


What's the shortest distance between two points? 


A straight line.


I welcome you to what is possible. To you and your success.